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Baxter Vacuum Cup Grippers

Baxter Vacuum Cup Grippers

Can be used to pick up a wide range of objects, especially if they’re smooth, non-porous or flat. Connect directly to external air lines.

Baxter Mobile Pedestal

Baxter Mobile Pedestal

The Baxter Robot Optional rolling pedestal with industrial grade casters makes it easy to move Baxter quickly and safely between workstations.

Electric Parallel Gripper Kit

Rethink Robotics Electric Parallel Gripper Kit

Electric parallel grippers provide one degree of freedom with multiple grasp widths, deliver an actuation time of less than one second and allow Baxter to pick up from the outside or inside of an object.

16 Piece Landmark Kit

Baxter 16 Piece Landmark Kit

The Baxter Robot Positioning System uses Landmarks placed in the work space. A landmark is a registration marker mark placed in the field of view of an imaging system to be used as a visual point of reference.